Standardisation of dedicated tests for cellular metals is still an ongoing effort and much progress is expected for the near future. Of course there are many standards that have been developed for other types of materials that can be applied to cellular materials.

The table below shows some of the few standards in use today. Please indicate when a standard is missing.

Origin Number YYYY-MM-DD Description Language Remarks
Dedicated standards for cellular metals
JIS H 7009 2008-09 Glossary of terms used in porous metals Japanese
JIS H 7902 2008-09 Method for compression test of porous metals Japanese
JIS H 7903 2008-09 Method for thermal conductivity test of porous metals Japanese
DIN 50134 2008-10 Compression test of metallic cellular materials German
ISO/DIS 13314 2010-07-16 Compression test for porous and cellular metals English This is not a final standard but a draft of international standard (DIS) opened for final voting. After voting for 5 months it will be published as a new international standard.
Standards for other materials that can be used for cellular metals
DIN 53295 1982 Prüfung von Kernverbunden Schubversuch [shear testing of sandwich panels with a foam core] German Applicable to metal foam sandwich panels.